The Most Rewarded Dentists in France

In the history of France, there have been many influential figures in the dental field. However, a few names stand out from the others for their major contributions to dentistry in their time. One of these rewarded dentists ( le lien ) is Pierre Fauchard, a pioneer in his time and also considered Father of Modern Odontology. Another “dentist” whose name can still be heard in France’s dental history records is that of Le Grand Thomas. He was contemporary to Pierre Fauchard, although he was more of a legend than an actual contributor to the dental field. Whatever the reasons, they have definitely won their place in the annals of history. In present times, however, France does count with amazing dental service that is distinguished around the globe for its quality service and for its professionals that like to go the extra mile for their patients. Recently, Dr. Fillion has been under the spotlight for treating the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and for coming up with an innovative way of aligning crooked teeth that is causing major sensation internationally. People fly from all around the world to be treated by him. Similar to Dr. Fillion’s is the case of Dr. Touati, who has worked with the Russian Oligarchy and several international celebrities. France is a country with much dental history to be told. From Fauchard to Dr. Fillion, France continues to be considered one of the countries with the best oral care in Europe. The Best Dentists in the History of France Some of the most awarded and historically renowned dentists are French. One of these historically rewarded dentists is called Pierre Fauchard whom is also known as the Father of Modern Odontology. He was born in Saint-Denis-de-Gastines, France, in 1693, and he became known for his book “Le chirurgien dentiste”, in which he talks about anatomy and basic oral functioning, as well as signs and symptoms of oral pathologies. He also describes how to treat broken teeth, how to remove teeth with cavities, how to replace missing teeth and how to transplant teeth. It is said that Fauchard’s book was the first to provide a complete scientific odontology description. His work was later picked up and continued by other professionals in the field that extended the knowledge across Europe. Fauchard was a pioneer in oral surgery and he often described himself as a “Surgeon Dentist”, which was an odd term to hear at the time. Some of his most renowned highlights are suggesting that the German tooth worm theory of dental decay was mistaken by using the microscope to show that there was indeed no evidence of worms and claiming that the main cause of dental caries is sugar. He proved his colleagues wrong in the popular belief of spontaneous tooth generation. He was the first to introduce dental fillings as the proper treatment for cavities and he said that braces should be used to align crooked teeth. All in all, Fauchard was a highly creative dental practitioner. He invented dental braces, which were initially made of gold. And he was well ahead of his time. On the other hand of French Dental History, we have Le Grand Thomas, an individual who was not exactly rewarded for his dental treatments or for his innovative discoveries. However, he too made it to the annals of French Dental History as a very recognizable figure. Le Grand Thomas was actually Pierre Fauchard’s contemporary, but these two dental practitioners could not be more polar opposites. Pierre Fauchard is considered the father of modern odontology whereas Le Grand Thomas is most known for his frauds and for being a charlatan. He gained fame in the 18th Century, in France, in a time where odontology was emerging and everyone, including King Louis, wanted to be in on it. This period of time in France is curiously known as the Smile Revolution and this is where Le Grand Thomas’ story comes into play. He was known as a charlatan, albeit not at the time, that is clear. As history tells it, you could find Le Grand Thomas standing on the Pont-Neuf bridge dressed in a baggy coat, bullying the common folk into getting their teeth pulled. The nickname “Grand” comes from his size. He was said to be enormous in height and also weigh as much as three men. His appearance was said to be quite threatening-looking too, and he seemed to evoke an air of mystique around him. He used to travel around with a big cart, which was decorated with a gigantic tooth that hung from it. Le Grand Thomas actually made a career out of pulling people’s teeth out and it is said that if one of his client’s tooth proved difficult to yank out, he would make the person kneel down on the floor beside him and then, with the strength that characterized him, he would lift the person into the air and use the hand which was still wrapped around the person’s tooth to pull it out. And he turned out to be quite the folk hero too. On the cusp of his popularity, there was a French play called Le Vaudeville in 1743 where there was a character based on him. A French Dentist Innovates in the Dentistry Field If we are talking about modern dentists in France that stand out for their service or their innovative treatments, we cannot deny that Didier Fillion and his unique “harmonious asymmetry” dental technique is a major sensation nowadays. Dr. Fillion’s new approach to creating the perfect set of teeth has caught the attention of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. Didier Fillion, a French dentist that is currently living in London, has pioneered in the dental industry by coming up with a different way to align teeth that completely differentiates from the American way. Dr. Fillion is against the American way to create a perfect smile since he believes the final result is much too symmetrical and does not look organic. He refers to Tom Cruises’ smile as way too perfect, and he proclaims himself against teeth that look like piano keys. Dr. Fillion’s new technique to align teeth consists of little micro-rotations which are achieved by using braces to very subtly shift the teeth’s alignment while still maintaining their natural shape. These micro-rotations allow creating a beautiful smile in an improved way that looks more natural and organic than the American way. What makes Dr. Fillion’s work look exceptional is that the final result is actually not perfect and the teeth are not absolutely aligned, and this effect is precisely what makes the patients’ smiles look natural and healthy. This is what Dr. Fillion refers to as “harmonious asymmetry” and it is the trick he uses to distinguish himself and his technique. The doctor’s specialty consists of attaching invisible braces to the back of the patients’ teeth. He also uses 3D images to show his patients what the final result will be, that way if any of his patients would like to make a change to one of their teeth, he can change it accordingly. By adding some small details, such as a shorter incisor or ignoring a small spacing in between two teeth, he completes the trick of his “harmonious asymmetry” technique. Kate Middleton has apparently not been the exception when it comes to succumbing to Dr. Fillion’s miracle technique. According to Dr. Touati, a source close to Dr. Fillion, the Duchess of Cambridge has had her teeth aligned by Dr. Fillion in his office in Wimpole Street, which would definitely explain the drastic change in the Duchess’ smile from her student days to the one we see now as a public figure and member of the Royal Family.When asked publicly, Dr. Fillion is not allowed to either confirm or deny that he has indeed worked on the Duchess of Cambridge’s teeth. However, the evidence seems to point in this direction.Dr. Fillion is no stranger to practicing his innovative technique on famous people. Prior to working with Duchess Kate Middleton, he has also worked with the teeth of Sadie Frost, John Galliano, and Kelly Brook.Being treated by Dr. Fillion himself does not come for free, though. Getting a treatment like Kate’s would cost around £3,000, although the cost can rise up to £10,000 if there is a need to extract teeth as well. Dr. Fillion’s fame follows him everywhere he goes. He has a clinic in Geneva where he treats patients from all around the world, and he also flies once a month to Monaco, where he treats the country’s royal family. The doctor’s patients are mostly women (around seventy-five percent), and the vast majority are between the ages of 30 to 40. When asked to explain his technique, Dr. Fillion describes it as “adaptable” to every person and their personality. Unlike America, in Europe, people look for a natural look to their smile. Social media and celebrities around the globe have inspired people to want to have nicer looking smiles that are whiter, brighter and straighter. Dr, Fillion’s colleague, Dr. Touati, is also quite a renowned professional. He is Moroccan-born but lives in Paris and currently works there as well. Much like his friend, Dr. Touati has worked with many celebrities and famous people too, like Nadia, Boris Yeltsin’s wife, and later Mr. Yeltsin himself as well. When word reached the Russian oligarchy about Touati’s incredible work on aligning crooked teeth, some began to use him too. Such is the case for Boris Berezovsky and Roman Abramovich. France has some incredible dentists and they are making a name for themselves out in the world. If you are looking for some rewarded professional in the dental industry, look no further, since these two names will surely keep climbing up the ladder of success. The Best 10 Dentists in Paris, According to Yelp Reviews If you are still looking for renowned professional dentists in France and would like to receive the best of the best in terms of service, but do not have 3000 pounds to spend on treatments, look no more. Yelp has come up with a list of the best 10 dentists in Paris that you can book an appointment with. They may not be Dr. Fillion or Dr. Touati but they each have the highest reviews on the site and clients leave their comments based on their experiences with each professional, so you can rest assured that you will receive prime quality service for your dental treatment. Here’s the list: Georges Christian MoussallyEric HazanPhilippe PartoucheOhana ChpindelAri ElhyaniEric GrosjeanGilles ElharrarRalph BadaouiSteve BeneroRichard Amouyal Closing Thoughts… There are definitely many French professionals in the dental care area that can be highlighted from the rest. Historically speaking, France has achieved many feats in the dental field. It has made it to the annals of history with Pierre Fauchard, who is responsible for some of the most groundbreaking advances in the history of dental treatments. He discovered new techniques to treat teeth and proved some other popular beliefs wrong. He invented the braces as well as the technique to fill cavities. He referred to himself as a “Surgeon Dentist”, which was a term not commonly heard of at the time, and he also wrote a book that was picked up and distributed to all of Europe, in which he scientifically explained and described what was later going to be known as “Odontology”. France also has its legend: Le Grand Thomas, a tooth yanker who pulled the teeth from the common folk and even made it into a popular play by having a character based on him.In present times, France also has its dental miracle workers of the industry. Both Dr. Fillion and Dr. Touati work with members of the Royal Families as well as celebrities and other very wealthy people. Dr. Fillion is responsible for creating an innovating technique that is used to align crooked teeth in a natural, organic way. This technique is catering to people that want a personalized look, opposite to the piano keys one that the American technique results in.All in all, France can boast about their dentists, some highly rewarded and some well on their way.